"Emma Jean's Halloween Trick"

These are the illustrations for the book "Emma Jean's Halloween Trick." This is the first book of the seven part series that I am currently illustrating.

Reminder: I am going to watercolor them once I get all seven books drawn out!


"Emma Jean Goes to Camp"

These are the illustrations for "Emma Jean Goes to Camp."

"Emma Jean at the Mall"

At the start of spring, I am encouraging myself to be more involved blogging. I need to document all of the art that I am doing as I am doing it online! These are illustrations that I have been slaving over for months! I am illustrating a series of seven books about a little girl named Emma Jean. I've really enjoyed drawing these and most of them brought me back to special times I had with friends when I was little.

These are the illustrations (without watercolor-that's next!) for "Emma Jean at the Mall." Enjoy!