Harrison, the Poor Loser

The second Emma Jean book is going to be printed! The book that came the other week looks great! We loved the cover and even the font on the cover was raised! Here's the next book:

Where is my art?

I've got so many great things happening! I haven't put this up on my blog yet, but my paintings are now in Lulu which is a gorgeous boutique in Franklin, TN on Main Street.

I've also got four shows coming up! Four...gosh...I need to paint faster! Here they are:

Cooper-Young Fest
Midtown, Memphis, TN
Sept 18 (19th-rain day)
My booth is A-42, right in front of Celtic Crossing!

Fall Fun Fest @ Queen of Peace Catholic Church
Olive Branch, MS
Oct 23

Oxford Holiday Market
Oxford, MS
Nov 14

Gingerbread House
St. Anges/St. Dominic
Memphis, TN
Dec 4

for times, visit my Facebook Page closer to the event dates!

Emma Jean Goes to the Printer!

I know I've put some pictures of my the books that I've been illustrating over the past year, but it just became time to go to the printer! We've sent one of the seven books off to see how it'll look. You can preview "Emma Jean Goes to Camp" here:

I've made them using Blurb.com, a very impressive self-publishing website. They let you download a program for free to build your book.

What do ya think? They're all done in watercolor and my grandmother and I are SUPER excited about them! Hopefully they will be cherished books for our family (and maybe yours!) to pass down for years and years to come!


Here's some of the pieces that I've been working on lately! And of course, more to come!

Almost done...

I can't wait for my summer class to be over! Just one more presentation and a test until I can start painting EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! I cannot wait!

I took just enough of a break from my studies today to re-vamp a clothespin (big enough for decoration--like holding a picture!) It's adorned with a scene from a children's book of Winnie the Pooh during Eeyore's birthday party. It's up on Etsy now!

Just a little happy :) to add a touch to the room.

Also, check out the new business cards in the pictures below!

I'm getting really excited about the rest of summer where I can paint whenever I want, whatever I want!

Things that are in the works: a pretty bow/wig collaboration, MORE OLE MISS STUFF!, sundress, cowboy boots & white dress, Memphrica pig...let the ideas keep on coming!

Cooper Young Festival!

I am ecstatic to announce that I will have my own booth at the Cooper Young Festival in Memphis on September 18th right in front of Celtic Crossing!

I've actually never been since it has always been during an Ole Miss home game. (Still is, but I already know we'll beat Vandy so I don't mind missing one!)

From now until then I just need to paint, paint, paint! (And of course study for my classes!)

Yum Yum Eat 'Em Up!

Here's the latest!

I'm really excited about these two!

oil on found paper

They are much bigger than the little canvases that I have been doing lately. There's something about blowing up an object, like a fork or a spoon, to an odd size that's really neat. It's like it's saying, "Hey! Look at me!"

Canvas is 8x16" and is 16x26" with frame