Almost done...

I can't wait for my summer class to be over! Just one more presentation and a test until I can start painting EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! I cannot wait!

I took just enough of a break from my studies today to re-vamp a clothespin (big enough for decoration--like holding a picture!) It's adorned with a scene from a children's book of Winnie the Pooh during Eeyore's birthday party. It's up on Etsy now!

Just a little happy :) to add a touch to the room.

Also, check out the new business cards in the pictures below!

I'm getting really excited about the rest of summer where I can paint whenever I want, whatever I want!

Things that are in the works: a pretty bow/wig collaboration, MORE OLE MISS STUFF!, sundress, cowboy boots & white dress, Memphrica pig...let the ideas keep on coming!

1 comment:

  1. these business cards are FABULOUS!!!
    Did you make them yourself?